The US and Vietnam: Old Enemies, New Friends?

  America’s eight-year military intervention came to a rather ignominious end as the last United States combat forces withdrew from South Vietnam on March 29, 1973. Having already violated the ceasefire, the North Vietnamese—who had fought nearly 20 years to see their country united—seized the opportunity and launched a massive offensive. The southern capital, Saigon, […]

Are Racial Stereotypes of Japanese-Americans Alive? US Congressional Hearing Sparks Debate

  The subject of war-time internment of ethnic Japanese in the United States became a hot topic in the halls of the U.S. Congress again recently. During its March 15 hearing, when the House Committee on Natural Resources was considering President Donald Trump’s proposed 2019 budget, it was noted that the budget did not include continued […]

12 Things You Might Not Have Known About St. Patrick’s Day

Above: photo taken by Nheyob of a stained glass window depicting St. Patrick / Source: Wikimedia Commons     Earlier this month, alongside a flurry of announcements concerning the start of Tokyo’s cherry blossom season, the “biggest Irish event in Asia” was held in Yoyogi Park. The unabashedly named I Love Ireland Festival attracted over 100,000 […]

A Day with Nagano’s Iconic Snow Monkeys

  Tokyo experienced its heaviest snowfall in four years in late January 2018. It brought travel chaos—halting train service in the megacity, while 250 international flights were canceled—and, on a lighter note, plenty of Instaworthy photos. However, heavy snowfall is common throughout much of Japan, especially the northernmost island of Hokkaido, which, for enthusiasts of […]

Tastes of Mt. Fuji

Tokyo is often considered a foodie’s paradise, with Japan’s capital having more Michelin-starred restaurants than any other city in the world. From the chaos of Tsukiji Market—where sushi of all types entice both locals and foreigners alike—to cozy izakaya serving yakitori, ramen shops, and vegetarian-friendly restaurants, there seems to be something for everybody. However, if […]

Nuclear Arsenal for Deterrence: JCPAC Highlights Japan’s Growing Security Challenges

Many expected North Korea to conduct yet another missile test last December 17, the sixth anniversary of Kim Jong Il’s death. Such tests have, rather worryingly, become something of a regular occurrence for Japan, with a North Korean intermediate-range missile passing over Hokkaido in August and September.   Although no such test happened, the United […]