YouTuber ‘Whimsical Cook’: Making You Prepare—and Love—Fish Dishes the Japanese Way

  Have you heard of the YouTuber who shows how to clean and fillet fish the traditional Japanese way, and gets more than 600,000 followers for it?   His name is Kimagure Cook—translated: Whimsical Cook.   The name comes from his fickle approach to posting videos on YouTube. Instead of doing so regularly, he posts […]

12 Things You Might Not Have Known About St. Patrick’s Day

Above: photo taken by Nheyob of a stained glass window depicting St. Patrick / Source: Wikimedia Commons     Earlier this month, alongside a flurry of announcements concerning the start of Tokyo’s cherry blossom season, the “biggest Irish event in Asia” was held in Yoyogi Park. The unabashedly named I Love Ireland Festival attracted over 100,000 […]