National Treasure


Mei: Kanenaga


Nagasa: 73.0 cm Sori: 2.6 cm Moto-haba: 3.0 cm Saki-haba: 1.9 cm

Kamakura period 13th C.

Seikado Bunko Art Museum Exhibition: Perfect Guide to the Japanese Sword

The Seikado Bunko Art Museum is holding a special exhibition aimed at introducing Japanese swords to beginners by utilizing 30 wonderful blades from their collection of 120 swords that originally belonged to Baron Yanosuke Iwasaki and his son Koyata (the founder of the museum). Yanosuke was the younger brother of the Tosa samurai and founder […]


Opinion: Japan’s Youth Have the Optimism to See Opportunity in Coming Difficulties

The following was originally published in Seiron, Sankei Shimbun:   I have long questioned the wisdom of intellectuals who view the status quo and future of Japan pessimistically. Although we face a number of challenges, Japan is prosperous and stable, and more than anything else, the number of young people who view the future optimistically […]


Introducing the New Column: The Secrets of the Japanese Sword

Pictured: This blade is an utsushi-mono by the master swordsmith Ono Yoshimitsu of an 800-year-old blade called Yamatorige. It is an illustration of the continuity of the traditions of Japanese sword making that continue to this day. Photo: Tom Kishida   Like many other Westerners, my introduction to Japanese swords (and Japanese culture) was through […]


Japanese Sake and My Life with Koji Mold

On 24th May, 2016, the fourth symposium held by the Japanese Civilization Institute took place at Japan University of Economics in Shibuya, Tokyo. Mr. Katsuhiko Kitamoto, former appraiser of the National Research Institute of Brewing (NRIB) and now research professor of Nihon Pharmaceutical University and professor emeritus at Tokyo University, presented his lecture entitled, “Japanese […]


Lessons from Europe? What Japan Can Learn from European Family Policies

Most developed countries with relatively high fertility rates around replacement level (2.1 children per women), like France or the Nordic countries, have a comprehensive mix of different family policy instruments. The reason why these countries have been experiencing a re-increase in fertility rates over the last decade cannot be attributed to one single family policy […]