Amid China’s Expansionism, Japan and India Have Obligation to Restore Balance of Power in Asia

  As the G20 Summit 2017—scheduled for this week in Hamburg, Germany—closes in, China is pitching for consensus on the implementation of the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The focus will be on helping developing countries, especially the African nations, to boost sustainable economic growth, investment, and stability.   China’s policy of injecting […]

Forget Current Sanctions, Cut Off North Korea’s Oil Supply

  In the light of the summit between United States Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in—where the international community awaits whether the two leaders can reconcile their starkly different approaches to North Korea’s nuclear development, JAPAN Forward is republishing this piece by Larry Niksch, who teaches East Asian Security at George Washington University.  […]

North Korean Abductions: Otto Warmbier is This Generation’s Megumi Yokota

  The recent news of Otto Warmbier’s death has shocked the United States and the rest of the world—except for Japan. Sadly, Japan has long understood, from firsthand experience, the brutality of North Korea.   Forty years ago, North Korean agents, under the direct leadership of then-Supreme Leader Kim Jong-il, fanned out across the Sea […]

Comfort Woman Issue: The US Underestimated Anti-Japanese Sentiment in South Korea

President of South Korea Moon Jae-in visited  the disputed island of Takeshima  on July, 2016 when he was an opposition leader. Takeshima is an inherent part of the territory of Japan, but it has been illegally occupied by South Korea.     This article—the first of 4 parts—has been updated from the original version, which appeared […]

Credible Threat: Expert Warns North Korea has 100 Nuclear Sites, Chemical and Biological Weapons

    “There’s a tendency to underestimate North Korea’s capabilities for political reasons,” Jenny Town, a leading researcher from John Hopkins University in Washington DC, said in a recent interview with Sankei Shimbun in Tokyo.   “However,” she added, “accurate information is required in order to establish how best to respond.”   One discovery her […]