With the All-New Impreza, Subaru Serves US and Japan Motorists’ Needs

Kazuhiro Abe, general manager of the Product Planning Division of Subaru stands besides the new  Impreza     On sale since last October after a complete redesign, Subaru’s flagship small car, the “Impreza,” is enjoying robust sales. The newly designed platform (chassis), employed for the first time, gives improved stability and shock absorption in the event […]

Step Aside, GPS, the Japanese “Michibiki” Promises Higher Accuracy Positioning System

  The second satellite of the Quasi-Zenith Satellite System (QZSS)—the Japanese version of the  Global Positioning System (GPS)—is scheduled for launch on June 1, and it promises to measure a position on the ground with higher accuracy.   The QZSS is a four-satellite system, and the Japanese aim to put it in full-scale operation starting […]