Ugly Truth: Is the Japanese Media Bent on Criticizing Abe at All Costs?

  In October edition of the monthly magazine Hanada, released on August 26th, author Ryushou Kadota revealed what he recently heard from journalist acquaintances. Somebody from Mainichi Shimbun supposedly said, “At the moment, the atmosphere in the company has become, just do anything to criticize [Prime Minister Shinzo] Abe.” Asahi Shimbun journalists were said to […]

A Woman’s View On Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Attraction to ‘Disastrous Women’

People are whispering about Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and his political femme fatales—women who cause great damage.   He touted “a society where women can shine,” and has proactively appointed women. Far from shining, however, the women in his Cabinet and among parliament members from his Liberal Democratic Party have been tripping up his government. […]

Taro Kono as Foreign Minister: Is He Abe’s Trump Card to Have the ‘Kono Statement’ on Comfort Women Revised?

  On August 3rd Prime Minister Shinzo Abe reorganized his Cabinet. After the investiture ceremony at the Imperial Palace, he launched his third restructured Cabinet. That same evening he held a press conference at the official residence of the prime minister.     With respect to his previously stated intent to bring about revision of […]