There’s More to the Pacific Aviation Museum than Pearl Harbor and World War II

    After the United States military had learned of the Nishikaichi incident, Army Lt. Jack Armstrong of the 740th Ordnance Company was sent to Niihau to dispose of the Zero fighter’s unexploded bombs, as well as to provide Shigenori Nishikaichi with a funeral in accordance with military protocol. While tending to Nishikaichi’s body, Armstrong […]

‘Battleship Island’: Korean Film on Wartime Laborers Criticized for Being ‘Divorced from Reality’

  Criticism of the Korean film Battleship Island (directed by Ryoo Seung-wan) has been increasing. The film is set on the coal mine on Hashima Island, which is part of the city of Nagasaki. The island itself is popularly known as “Battleship Island” because of its resemblance to a battleship when viewed from a distance. […]

‘Apologies Are Over’: Pearl Harbor Changes Views on US-Japan Relations

  When Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited Pearl Harbor, Daniel Martinez was his official host and guide. Martinez, the chief historian at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument, remembers that Abe was particularly impressed by a plaque at the entrance to the museum.   Completely redone in 2010 under Martinez’ […]

Will More War Flags Return Home? Japanese Americans Working to Retrieve Items From US Veterans

  On August 15th, the 72nd anniversary of the end of the war, former United States marine Marvin Strombo, 93, returned a Japanese “Good-luck” flag found on the battlefields of Saipan to a bereaved family in Gifu Prefecture.     Speaking at a press conference, Strombo, who hails from the western state of Montana, said: […]

Radio Program That Broadcasts to Japanese Abductees in North Korea Needs Financial Help

The Radio representative Kazuhiro Araki (left) is talking to the microphone while Tatsuru Murao (right), executive director of COMJAN and program producer, is calling for support   Amid increasing military tensions on the Korean Peninsula, it is understood that the “Investigation Commission on Missing Japanese Probably Related to North Korea (COMJAN),” has finalized preparations for […]

Afghanistan Distracts Trump From The Real Monster

Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  (cr. Michael Yon)   President Donald Trump thinks he can solve the AfPak dilemma. In his speech, the United States president talked about winning. There is no winning to be had beyond safeguarding our national interests.     This is all a distraction from a gigantic problem: China. On our scale of […]

Letter to Megumi: Somewhere in North Korea, We Know Your Hidden Strength Will Make You Survive

Megumi(center) and her little brothers before she was abducted   Hello, Megumi.   Here in Japan we have been having one really hot day after another.  What are the summer days like where you are? Your mother and father are getting on in years and the summer heat and sun are ever more of a […]

Yoko Mada Interviews Hidetoshi Ishii: ‘Japan Should Be the Fortress of Freedom in Asia’

  Yoko Mada (“Random Yoko”), a Japanese YouTuber widely popular with viewers both inside and outside of Japan, sat down recently with Hidetoshi Ishii, a Japanese expert on the politics and history of Asia.   Active in his field for more than two decades, Ishii has a broad network of fellow activists and intellectuals, giving […]