Okimoto: Passing On the Issei Legacy and the Future of Japan-US Relations 

  Dr. Daniel Okimoto, professor emeritus at Stanford University, recently sat down with¬†JAPAN Forward¬†to talk, among other things, how the campaign of the¬†Silicon Valley Japan Platform or SVJP, a non-profit organization designed to build bridges of collaboration between Silicon Valley and Japan, has been going.¬†       The SVJP has developed rapidly since its […]

Okimoto on Life in America: Realizing Dreams That Eluded Our Issei Parents

Daniel Okimoto¬†as an infant wrapped in the American flag in his mothers’ hand at Santa Anita Racetrack. The picture was¬†painted by Okimotos’ sister, Ruth Yoshiko.   JAPAN Forward¬†recently had a one-on-one interview with Dr. Daniel Okimoto, professor emeritus at Stanford University. A second-generation Japanese American, Okimoto is pushing for Japan to make its mark in […]