Dear Megumi: ‘Be Brave and Hopeful. I Will Find You’

Megumi and Sakie in 1966.   Dear Megumi,   The new year has finally come. Despite our desperate pleas with the government for the rescue of all abductees by the end of the year, another year has passed without any progress, and it has left me heartbroken.   As the world enters a chaotic season, […]

Deaths of Abductees’ Family Members Put Pressure on Japanese Government

  Charles Jenkins, former United States military deserter, and the husband of North Korean abductee Hitomi Soga (58 by now), died of a lethal arrhythmia at a Saga hospital in Niigata Prefecture on December 11th. He was 77 years old.       On December 12th, Nobuko Masumoto, the mother of Rumiko Masumoto (64 by […]

Dear Megumi: President Trump Listened to Your Story, and That Gives Us Hope

Megumi Yokota, 2nd from the left watches the Sea of Japan in 1976. Next year she was abducted by North Korean agents.   Hello, Megumi.     The time of year in Japan when the leaves change colors has passed. We feel the cold more and more each day.  You really loved nature. We want […]