Will We Be Seeing Fewer Somei Yoshino, the King of Cherry Blossoms?

    Cherry blossom viewing season—better known as hanami—has peaked in Tokyo and throughout much of Japan. Among all of the beautiful cherry blossoms, it is the Somei Yoshino, which originated in the Edo era, that is regarded as synonymous with the season. Its cherry blossoms are a breathtaking sight with their flower petals simultaneously […]

Kumano Blossoming Cherry: First New Wild Species in a Century Discovered

  In days past, Japanese people enjoyed different types of cherry blossoms native to different regions throughout the country. The beautiful blossoms of the indigenous variety Yamazakura (Cerasus jamasakura) have been celebrated annually in the Kinki region of southern central Japan, which is home to Mount Yoshino, a famous cherry blossom viewing area from ancient […]