Okimoto: Passing On the Issei Legacy and the Future of Japan-US Relations 

  Dr. Daniel Okimoto, professor emeritus at Stanford University, recently sat down with JAPAN Forward to talk, among other things, how the campaign of the Silicon Valley Japan Platform or SVJP, a non-profit organization designed to build bridges of collaboration between Silicon Valley and Japan, has been going.        The SVJP has developed rapidly since its […]

Meet Okimoto’s Partner—in Life and at Silicon Valley Japan Platform

  JAPAN Forward recently had a one-on-one interview with Dr. Daniel Okimoto, professor emeritus at Stanford University. A second-generation Japanese American, Okimoto is pushing for Japan to make its mark in technological innovations in Silicon Valley.    We serialize his interview in five parts. He and his wife Michiko—they married at an old age—tell editor in […]

Food, Sports, Security: Wisconsin Governor Talks About Partnership with Japan

  Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin was in Japan recently as part of the United States midwest trade delegation. On September 12, he sat down with JAPAN Forward in Tokyo and talked about a wide range issues—from business, investment, and culture to education and security.   Of course, Walker talked about how successful Wisconsin-Japan businesses […]