Will We Be Seeing Fewer Somei Yoshino, the King of Cherry Blossoms?

    Cherry blossom viewing season—better known as hanami—has peaked in Tokyo and throughout much of Japan. Among all of the beautiful cherry blossoms, it is the Somei Yoshino, which originated in the Edo era, that is regarded as synonymous with the season. Its cherry blossoms are a breathtaking sight with their flower petals simultaneously […]

Almost All Japanese Look Favorably at the JSDF, So Why Do We Keep the Forces in Limbo?

      The debate over constitutional revision within the Japanese government and the Liberal Democratic Party looks to begin in earnest. On March 7, the LDP Headquarters for the Promotion of Revision of the Constitution, chaired by veteran lawmaker Hiroyuki Hosoda, began preparations for the party’s draft proposal on the amendment of Article 9. […]