Comfort Woman Issue: The US Underestimated Anti-Japanese Sentiment in South Korea

President of South Korea Moon Jae-in visited  the disputed island of Takeshima  on July, 2016 when he was an opposition leader. Takeshima is an inherent part of the territory of Japan, but it has been illegally occupied by South Korea.     This article—the first of 4 parts—has been updated from the original version, which appeared […]

Credible Threat: Expert Warns North Korea has 100 Nuclear Sites, Chemical and Biological Weapons

    “There’s a tendency to underestimate North Korea’s capabilities for political reasons,” Jenny Town, a leading researcher from John Hopkins University in Washington DC, said in a recent interview with Sankei Shimbun in Tokyo.   “However,” she added, “accurate information is required in order to establish how best to respond.”   One discovery her […]

“We’re Not Chinese”: World’s Biggest Overseas Taiwanese Organization To Form in Japan

  The “overseas Chinese” community, which exercises great influence in Japan’s economic world, is about to suffer a great split.   Taiwanese residents and immigrants, long connected to multiple organizations in Japan, are planning to form a new organization called the “All Japan Taiwanese Union” (AJTU), multiple sources confirmed.   Most of the participants have […]

China Cites Ambiguous National Security Law to Detain 11 Japanese

Chinese authorities have detained 6 Japanese nationals for alleged espionage, bringing to 11 the number of Japanese nationals detained on charges of “Endangering National Security.” Detained this time were employees of a Japanese company involved in hot spring development, whose actions bear no connection to espionage.   It appears as though they have become unwitting […]

Editorial: Even to Calls for Dialog, North Korea Responds with Intimidation

On May 14, North Korea launched a ballistic missile, which flew around 800 km before landing in the Sea of Japan.   The launch comes just as South Korea’s President Moon, who has advocated for dialog with North Korea, begins his administration. Kim Jong-Un’s administration ignored this, however, undertaking violent intimidation instead.   As it […]