Editorial: Stay Vigilant, as Russia Welcomes North Korean Ship Banned by Japan

Russia is increasing its economic cooperation with North Korea. It turns out that the North Korean combined passenger and cargo ship Mangyongbong-92, which was barred from Japanese waters, will begin regular trips to Russia in May.   The ship is planned to make 6 trips a month between Vladivostok, Russia’s easternmost city, and Rason in […]

“We can’t allow China’s expansionism to go on” —Diet Representative Harada

China has been aggressively pursuing territorial expansion in the South China Sea, building military bases and repeatedly entering Japan’s territorial waters around the Senkaku Islands (Ishigaki City, Okinawa). It does so in complete disregard of a June 2008 agreement with Japan for the joint development of gas fields in the area. In fact, China has […]

Is Megumi Yokota the Key to Ending the Korean Standoff?

This week, in the wake of increasingly shrill North Korean threats, Vice President Mike Pence is in East Asia, rallying the US-South Korea-Japan alliance around the Trump Doctrine of peace through strength.   Vice President Pence told Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe that the United States was prepared to use force to bring lasting peace […]

Editorial: After the Syria Strike, Time to Make Sure China Gets the Message

Those who would destroy the international community’s rules and order must be unwaveringly opposed. In that regard, President Xi Jinping personally just witnessed the United States’ firm intention to defend that order.   During a summit meeting marked by the attack on Syria, President Trump stated that if China wouldn’t cooperate on the North Korea […]

‘North Korean problem should be solved before war erupts’: Interview with Malaysia’s Mahathir Mohamad

  Malaysia and North Korea seemed to have ended their diplomatic row, which was sparked by Kuala Lumpur’s investigation into the brutal murder of Kim Jong-Nam, the estranged older half brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.   On February 13, Kim Jong-Nam was killed with a lethal nerve agent VX while he was at […]

Editorial: US-China Summit Should Focus on the “Threat from the North”

The first summit talks since the inauguration of the Trump administration will be held this week.   As China exerts increasing influence from all possible sides–economically, militarily, and beyond–how will the US define their relationship?   The future of the Asia-Pacific region and the international community are directly linked to the outcome of these talks. […]

US Must Confront China on Territorial, Security, and Human Rights Issues in East Asia

As the new United States administration prepares for its’ first Heads of State summit with China it will be very important for America’s close allies in Asia that President Trump addresses territorial, security, and human rights issues in East Asia with President Xi Jinping.   First and foremost is the issue of the administration in […]