Why Donald Trump Should Visit Yasukuni

At their recent summit meeting in the United States, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and U.S. president Donald J. Trump reaffirmed that the Japan-U.S. alliance is unshakeable. The United States also expressly said that it would use every military means at its disposal, including both conventional forces and nuclear weapons, in order to defend Japan from […]

Did Murakami’s “Killing Commendatore” Restart a History War?

An unforeseen proxy war is escalating over world-famous author Haruki Murakami’s first new full-length novel in four years, Killing Commendatore (Kishidancho Goroshi). In the book, one of Murakami’s characters expresses his doubts about the number of victims of the Nanjing Incident in 1937 which occurred under the Japanese military’s occupation of China during the Fifteen-Year […]

“We will bring the abductees home” – An Exclusive Interview with Prime Minister Abe

March 2017 marks twenty years since the families of Japanese citizens abducted by North Korea formed a group to represent their concerns. On the eve of this anniversary, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sat down for an exclusive interview with Yukan Fuji—the Sankei Shimbun’s evening newspaper—in which he said that solving the abduction issue, a stark […]

Japan and the U.S. Conduct Joint Operations in the East China Sea

The Sankei Shimbun has learned that earlier this week, a Maritime Self-Defense Force fleet and an American carrier strike force led by the nuclear-powered carrier USS Carl Vinson began joint operations in the East China Sea. It is rare for officials to confirm full-scale drills carried out jointly between U.S. carrier groups and Japanese Maritime […]

Are We Witnessing the Collapse of South Korea’s Democracy?

Amidst the ongoing impeachment proceedings of President Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s premodernity has unfolded itself, rather surprisingly to the world at large. She has been impeached for influence-peddling and corruption connect to her close confidant who had no official government position. Their relationship is based on President’s early devotion to the confidant’s father, a shamanistic-Evangelical […]

Time to Shift the Debate on Preemptive Strike

Since the promulgation of the 1992 law on peacekeeping operations, the Japanese government—under both LDP and DPJ administrations—has consistently sought to stretch the definition of a military strategy predicated on “defensive defense.” While this stretching has been most contentious with regard to the recent adoption of collective self-defense and the question of constitutional revision, another, […]

The Japanese Government Weighs in with the Supreme Court

The Japanese government has submitted an amicus brief to the U.S. Supreme Court expressing its opinion that the Supreme Court should hear the appeal asking that the statue memorializing Comfort Women be removed. This is an unprecedented step and it appears that the Japanese government determined that the successive establishment of “Comfort Memorials” necessitated that […]