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JAPAN Forward association, Inc.
(日本語: 一般社団法人ジャパンフォワード推進機構)

AddressTokyo Sankei Bldg., Otemachi 1-7-2, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 100-8077
Establishment DateJanuary 30, 2017
PurposeJAPAN Forward association, Inc., operates JAPAN Forward, a foreign-language website which delivers Japan-related news, analysis, commentary, and opinion pieces. We aim to reveal the true face of Japan to non-Japanese speakers in areas ranging from politics and economics to culture and society, actively reaching out to show the rest of the world the diversity of Japanese perspectives and the international efforts undertaken by Japanese people, corporations, and groups.
Type of Business1) Develop reporting and the free exchange of ideas in a foreign-language online medium
2) Provide beneficial information and services online
3) Interact, liaise, and cooperate at an institutional and organizational level both in Japan and abroad
4) Engage in other activities necessary to achieving the aims of JAPAN Forward association, inc.
Board of DirectorsHideaki OTA (Representative Director of the Board, and Advisor, The Sankei Shimbun, Inc.)
Ichiro FUJISAKI (President, The America-Japan Society, Inc., Japanese Ambassador to the United States from 2008 to 2012)                                  Nobuyuki KAJI (Professor Emeritus, Osaka University)
Toyokazu KONDO (Director, Advertise Department, The Sankei Shimbun, Inc.)
Yutaka TESHIGAWARA (The Sankei Shimbun, Inc.)
AuditorRyuji SATO (CFO, The Sankei Shimbun, Inc.)
Special AdviserYoshihisa KOMORI (Distinguished Professor, Reitaku University; Recipient of the Japan Newspaper Publishers and Editors Association Award)
Editor in ChiefYasuo NAITO (Expert Advisor, Tokyo Editorial Office, The Sankei Shimbun, Inc.)
Financial Report (Only in Japanese)2016 March   2017 March   2018 March   2019 March  


2020 March

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