Earl H. Kinmonth is professor emeritus at Taisho University. Before moving to Japan in 1997, he was reader in Japanese Studies at the University of Sheffield (1989-1997) and professor of history at the University of California-Davis (1977-1989). His research is in the history and sociology of Japanese education from the Meiji period to the present, with an emphasis on 1930s-1940s Japan. He is a Japanese citizen and writes commentary in English and Japanese, and does Japanese English translation. He is currently writing a book on foreign media coverage of Japan under the working title Japan in the Foreign Imagination.


  多くの英語圏マスコミは、テニスのスター選手であり日本と米国の国籍を持つ大坂なおみが、日本代表として2020年東京オリンピックに出場するために日本国籍を維持し、米国籍を離脱することにしたと伝えている。   たとえば、CNNの見出しは「東京