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#29 Sports Talk – Boxing Analyst Raul Marquez Previews the Inoue-Nery Title Fight

In his analysis of the Tokyo Dome showdown, Raul Marquez said, "It's a very difficult fight for Nery to figure out how to beat a fighter like Inoue."



What should fight fans expect to see when undisputed super bantamweight world champion Naoya Inoue and challenger Luis Nery step into the ring at Tokyo Dome on Monday, May 6? Boxing analyst Raul Marquez, a former IBF junior middleweight champion and a longtime boxing commentator, provided an expert analysis days before the blockbuster fight.

On this podcast episode, Marquez spoke to SportsLook sports editor Ed Odeven about the overall strengths of both boxers, highlighting their recent bouts and careers.

The 1992 US Olympian also explained why he expects Inoue to win the fight and improve to 27-0 in his legendary career.

Raul Marquez Breaks Down the Essence of This Fight

"Nery, he's an experienced fighter," said Marquez, a former Showtime Sports analyst who now works for "Big Time Boxing USA" on sports streaming platform DAZN. "He's fought different types of styles.

"I know one thing: He's got to take a very smart approach in the way he attacks Inoue because Inoue is a very hard puzzle to figure out. He switches from righty to lefty, he changes the speed of his combinations, he punches from different angles. [And] he's very smart. He's got power, he's explosive, he's fast."

In his unfiltered analysis, Marquez also stated, "Inoue knows how to pick you apart and pick you apart from different angles and catch you with his explosive shots. So it's a very difficult fight for Nery to figure out how to beat a fighter like Inoue."

Marquez paid a huge compliment to Inoue, saying, "He's good in every aspect ― speed, power, boxing IQ … he's just a well-rounded boxer."


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Author: Ed Odeven