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From B2 to B1: Nagasaki Velca Aim High for 2023-24

After rapid promotion in the B.League hierarchy in their first two seasons of existence, the Nagasaki Velca have established a solid foundation.



Nagasaki Velca
Nagasaki Velca head coach Kenjiro Maeda (second from left) talks to his players during the B2 Finals in May 2023. (B.LEAGUE)

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The start of the 2023-24 B.League season is finally here ― Thursday, October 5. With the Shiga Lakes and Niigata Albirex BB relegated to B2 (second division), the spotlight shines on two newcomers to B1, the Nagasaki Velca and Saga Ballooners

In this two-part preview, we'll dive into these fresh additions to the league, starting with the Velca.


Team Background

During the 2022-23 season, if we were to define a theme for the Velca, it would undoubtedly be "second."

The Velca claimed the second position in their division during the regular season but narrowly fell short in the championship round. In the B2 Finals, the Ballooners emerged victorious, winning by eight- and four-point margins over the Velca in May 2023.

However, it's crucial to emphasize that this second place does not diminish their remarkable success.

Nagasaki, one of the newest entrants into the B.League, embarked on its professional basketball journey in 2020, becoming the first pro basketball team in Nagasaki Prefecture. The club's official launch took place on July 10, and Nagasaki commenced its journey into B3 in the 2021–22 season.

In their debut season, the Velca demonstrated their prowess by amassing an impressive record of 42 wins and just three losses, achieving a remarkable .933 winning percentage. This outstanding performance earned them the title of B3 champions and a promotion to B2. 

It's worth noting that during this period, the team was under the guidance of Takuma Ito, now 41, who currently serves as the general manager.

In a May 2022 interview with SportsLook editor Ed Odeven, Ito discussed the team's building blocks for success.

"We emphasize on attacking the basket," Ito said at the time. "Our style of play, we use five words to describe our style of play: hard, aggressive, speed, innovative and together."

Nagasaki Velca
Velca head coach Kenjiro Maeda (right) waves to fans after a May 20203 game. (B.LEAGUE)

Getting to Know Velca Head Coach Maeda

Nagasaki head coach Kenjiro Maeda, is embarking on his second season with the team. His coaching journey has been marked by his association with successful and winning organizations.


Early in his career, the 33-year-old Maeda served as an assistant coach with the Alvark Tokyo (known as Toyota Alvark before the B.League launch in 2016) from 2015-18.

Ito was Tokyo's bench boss from 2015-17. During this period, the Alvark made a significant impact in the B.League, reaching the semifinals in the inaugural 2016-17 season and winning the first of back-to-back championships the following year under Ito's replacement, Luka Pavicevic.

Maeda's coaching journey extended internationally when he took on the role of assistant coach for the Australian NBL's Melbourne United. In his tenure there, Melbourne United secured a commendable second-place finish during the regular season and advanced to the playoffs.

In 2019, Maeda returned to the B.League as the head coach for the Akita Northern Happinets, a position he held for two seasons. Despite improving the team's winning percentage, his first season in 2019 faced disruptions due to the pandemic, and the team missed reaching the postseason both years.

Maeda's most recent venture brought him to Nagasaki in 2022, marking a reunion with Ito. Under his guidance, the Velca enjoyed a successful campaign, earning promotion to B1. With Maeda's coaching experience and acumen, Nagasaki looks forward to building on its past achievements this season.

Maeda Shares Team Goals

In June 2023, Maeda extended his contract with the Velca, reaffirming his role as the head coach. During this announcement, he also shared his aspirations and objectives for the upcoming season.

"Since its inception, Nagasaki Velca has been guided by the club's principles: 'Elevate Nagasaki through basketball,' 'spread the joy of living in the present,' and 'convey messages of peace.' " Maeda said. "In the upcoming 2023-24 season, we aim to strengthen the Velca's unity even further and showcase the 'HAS IT' Velca style, evolving it to new heights on the B1 stage. Let's come together as 'One Nagasaki' and create a whirlwind of excitement!"

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Author: Galileo Ferrari


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