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[Hidden Wonders of Japan] Fluffy Alpacas Take a Stroll in the Famous Kagurazaka District

Two alpacas enjoy their daily walk through the former geisha district, never failing to evoke smiles and curious second glances from amused passersby.



Alpacas Vanilla (left) and Aoi take a stroll on leashes in Kagurazaka. (©Yuta Yasumoto)

Kagurazaka is a bustling area in Tokyo's Shinjuku ward filled with cafes, traditional Japanese eateries, and cozy izakayas. At night, its famous sloping street is teaming with night owls having a good time. But come morning, the street turns into a serene promenade for fluffy alpacas.  

Alpacas coming through! (©Sankei by Yuta Yasumoto)

Their endearing presence has become a delightful addition to the neighborhood's charm. Vanilla, the white alpaca, and Aoi, the brown alpaca, take their stroll during the tranquil hours, basking in the gentle morning sun. They are the beloved stars of the petting zoo Alpaca Fureai Land, which opened in April 2023. 

A close-up of Aoi, the brown alpaca. (©Sankei by Yuta Yasumoto)

"We recently introduced courses where people can walk with the alpacas. We were initially concerned that people would find it too early in the morning. Surprisingly, it is now our most popular offering," shares the petting zoo's manager, Masaya Ide. 

An alpaca walk in Tokyo could be an interesting addition to one's morning routine.

Two children accompany the alpacas on their walk. (©Sankei by Yuta Yasumoto)
Vanilla and Aoi walk through Kagurazaka's shopping street. (©Sankei by Yuta Yasumoto)


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Author: Yuta Yasumoto

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