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Predictions 2024: How Daily Life Could Change in the New Year with Web 3.0

These predictions foresee a shift towards a more decentralized, flexible and technologically advanced work environment benefitting those with a free mindset.



Happy New Year to JAPAN Forward readers. We are pleased to bring you "Predictions 2024," a special New Year's series sharing the foresight and expectations of selected contributors for the coming year in their fields of specialty, continuing with Joba Network CEO and Co-founder, Marisa McKnight.

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The predictions outlined for 2024 paint a picture of a transformative year driven by the advancements in Web 3.0. Here's a breakdown of how these predictions might impact your day-to-day life:

1. Earning from Social Media

Accessibility: The democratization of earning opportunities on social media platforms, such as TikTok, Instagram, and X.com, means that individuals with varying follower counts can monetize their influence. Read about X.com creator earning subscriptions.

Cryptocurrency Integration: The rumors surrounding X.com adopting cryptocurrency as a payment option could signal a broader trend of digital currency integration into mainstream platforms. Licenses to accept crypto are in the article.

Cryptocurrency (© "bit-give-blockchain" by TLC-kios via Wikimedia Commons)

2. Increasing Remote Work

Office Space Dynamics: The downfall of WeWork suggests a shift away from traditional/co-working office spaces. Companies are likely to continue embracing remote work, driven by positive revenue growth and the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Remote Work Statistics: With statistics supporting the positive impact of remote work on business revenue, the remote workforce is expected to expand further. Check the source.

3. Verifications Across the Web

Identity Verification: The rise in bot and imposter accounts has led to a demand for verifications. The introduction of paid verification services by X and Meta suggests a growing need for online identity verification.


Blockchain Integration: The prediction hints at the increasing use of blockchain technology for verifications, providing cryptographically secure data and immutable records.

4. Borderless Work and Decentralized Teams:

Cross-Border Payments: Services like Deel.com facilitating cross-border payments for contractors contribute to the borderless nature of work. The focus is on finding the best talent globally, irrespective of location.

Freelancer Market Growth: The projected growth in the freelance platforms market indicates a rising trend in decentralized work structures, where businesses are tapping into a global pool of freelancers. Check the source.

5. Free Mindset Driving Innovation:

Early Adopters: Individuals with a free mindset are identified as early adopters of innovation. Platforms like Joba Network catering to freelancers, contractors, and blockchain enthusiasts align with the innovative spirit of those embracing the decentralized and flexible work landscape.

In summary, the predictions for 2024 foresee a shift towards a more decentralized, flexible, and technologically advanced work environment. Individuals will have greater control over their digital presence and earning potential. 

The integration of blockchain, cryptocurrency, and decentralized platforms is expected to play a significant role in shaping these changes. Platforms like Joba Network are leading this shift to the future. 


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Author: Marisa McKnight


Marisa McKnight is the CEO and co-founder of Joba Network.

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