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SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Press Preview Reveals Exciting Sustainable Technological Innovations

TMG gave us a preview of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 with an advanced look at innovations set to transform urban living in sustainability, robotics, and more.



Asako Tsuji, SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 Executive Committee Chairperson (courtesy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

On April 9, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) hosted an exclusive press preview for SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024. Running from April 27 to May 26 in the Tokyo Bay Area, SusHi Tech promises to illuminate Tokyo as a frontier in cutting-edge innovation. 

Speaking at the preview, Governor Yuriko Koike emphasized the event's dedication to merging sustainability with groundbreaking technology. "This initiative is our beacon for a sustainable, tech-driven future," she stated.

In addition, the media preview featured an exhibition of several highlights from the upcoming event. These exciting mobility, robotics, and sustainable food innovations hint at the potential of a harmonious future where technology enriches the human experience. 

Revolutionizing Urban Mobility

One standout innovation was the Raptor, a tri-wheel platform mobility vehicle co-developed by RDS and fuRo. Boasting a sleek three-wheel design with innovative lean functionality on its front wheels, the Raptor represents a breakthrough in electric mobility. The vehicle can effortlessly execute slalom turns while maintaining three-wheel contact with its 12-inch front and 10-inch rear tires. With a cruising speed of 30 km/h and a lithium-ion battery providing a 40 km range, it could revolutionize urban transportation.

The Raptor, Co-Developed by RDS and fuRo (couretsy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

A notable feature is the seamless integration of its upper design and lower base units through its ingenious connection unit mechanism. Users can detach these units simply by flicking a lever. Its versatility extends beyond transportation, serving as a wheelchair, carrying loads, and adapting to various needs with ease. Attaching a sensor-equipped robot to the upper unit transforms it into an autonomous mobile robot. By tailoring design units to specific needs, it opens up a realm of possibilities for customization. 

The Next Generation of Combat Sports?

Despite an impressive array of mobility devices and drones, the RFIGHT boxing-style game, where participants don robotic suits, stole the spotlight. Resembling Evangelion EVAs, these Skeletonics-developed devices operate as exoskeleton suits, amplifying human movements without internal power sources. Sensors are strategically positioned throughout the armor. When the wearer throws a punch, for example, it triggers the mechanism. 

In a new combat sport RFIGHT, players compete against each other wearing these suits. Similar to a fighting game, a contender's health gauge progressively depletes with sustained until one loses. By enhancing physical abilities through technology, these suits allow participants to compete beyond physical differences or barriers, making sports more inclusive. 

Skeletonics' Robotic Suits (couretsy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

With the proliferation of esports and VR-based sporting activities, RFIGHT's simplicity, reminiscent of traditional sports, could appeal to individuals seeking immersive physical competition. Visitors will be able to experience these robotic suits at SusHi Tech Tokyo as part of the Superhuman Sports Grand Challenge 2050. 

Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture and Plant-Based Delights

A showcase of eco-friendly food offerings highlighted advancements in sustainable agriculture and innovative plant-based products. 


Plantio Corporation subsidiary grow CONNECT is committed to revolutionizing sustainable food and farming while pioneering the frontier of agri-entertainment. CEO Takayoshi Serizawa unveiled a cutting-edge AI-powered system that provides personalized guidance in vegetable cultivation, including watering and thinning schedules. 

This innovative technology aims to revolutionize how users engage with agriculture, promoting sustainable and efficient farming practices. The system integrates with an AI cloud farming platform, continuously learning and enhancing its cultivation recommendations based on user interactions. Additionally, it offers timely harvesting notifications, suggesting optimal harvesting times.  

At SusHi Tech Tokyo, grow CONNECT will showcase the world's first indoor farming system tailored to vegetable cultivation. Additionally, this system serves as a communal space where people can connect, cultivate, and enjoy growing and consuming together.

Eclipse Foods Japan's Plant-Based eclipseco Ice Cream (courtesy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

Another company, Eclipse Foods Japan has launched eclipseco, a 100% plant-based, dairy-free future ice cream. As a plant-based option, it offers a sustainable alternative, slashing CO2 emissions by 65% compared to conventional ice cream varieties. Making its debut in mid-March, it initially hit shelves at select FamilyMart stores in Tokyo. This marks the American parent company's first overseas venture, bolstered by Tokyo's initiative to attract foreign companies. Although mostly sold out at FamilyMart, visitors can enjoy the ice cream at SusHi Tech Tokyo.

Envisioning Tokyo's Future

Arca CEO Asako Tsuji, chairperson of the event's executive committee, spoke on behalf of the organizers. "It has been a privilege engaging in discussions with my knowledgeable committee colleagues," she said. "Our aim is to present a slice of our collective vision to you." 

Tsuji reflected on the "intense and passionate discussions within the committee, emphasizing their dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation." She highlighted two key points for the audience's attention. "First," she said, "we envision this event as a catalyst for every Tokyo resident to envision the future of our city. What might the future Tokyo look like? This question guides our collective exploration, seeking to inspire and provoke thought among us all." 

grow CONNECT's AI-Powered Vegetable Cultivation Device (courtesy of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024)

A Forum for Collective Innovation

Tsuji emphasized that the event was not solely a platform for the TMG's vision. "It is also a forum for every resident to contribute, share ideas, and envision the future together, she emphasized. As we embark on this journey, we look forward to your insights, ideas, and visions, especially as we ponder the possibilities for Tokyo in 2050." 

Lastly, Tsuji underscored the significance of hosting the event in Tokyo. She cited the city's rich history dating back to the Edo period, characterized by problem-solving and innovation. 

"We seek to honor that legacy, projecting how we can continue to evolve and innovate in the Reiwa era. By showcasing Tokyo's unique blend of old and new, we aim to inspire not just a vision for the future. Our goal is also to ensure the continuation of our rich cultural heritage into the modern era." 

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 will take place across four venues: Ariake Arena, Miraikan, Symbol Promenade Park, and the Uminomori (sea, forest, waterway) area.



Author: Daniel Manning