Andy Chan Ho-tin (Chinese: 陳浩天) is a Hong Kong pro-independence political activist. He is a founding member and the convenor of the Hong Kong National Party, the first party to advocate for Hong Kong independence. Chan attracted media attention when the Hong Kong government strongly criticised his activities after the establishment of the Hong Kong National Party. In the 2016 Hong Kong Legislative Council election, his candidature was disqualified by the returning officer for New Territories East, due to his political stance on secession and independence of Hong Kong from the People's Republic of China. He was born September 6, 1990.

香港独立派リーダーからのビデオメッセージ 「自由か死を」

    香港の「逃亡犯条例」改正問題をめぐる抗議活動で逮捕されていた香港独立派のリーダー、陳浩天氏は9月1日未明に保釈されました。陳氏は同日、都内で開かれた国際会議「J-CPAC 2019」の事務局にビデオメッセージを送りました。当初、陳氏