Magnitude 9 Earthquake in Kuril Trench ‘Highly Imminent’ — Government Scientists

Emperor and Empress visit Minami Sanriku after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 11, 2011.    Japan is stepping up disaster prevention initiatives after government scientists recently made a forecast that a Magnitude 9 earthquake, which carries a risk of 20-plus-meter-high tsunami, is highly probable in the Kuril Trench.   The government’s Earthquake Research […]

Big Majority of Japanese Favor Proposed Long-range Cruise Missiles – Sankei-FNN Poll

  Positive responses to the government’s proposed acquisition of long-range cruise missiles exceeded 68.5%, dwarfing those thought the “acquisition is unnecessary” (28.7%), the latest poll conducted by the Sankei Shimbun and the Fuji News Network (FNN) showed.   However, opinions were divided over what circumstances the long-range cruise missiles should be used in. Of the […]

Deaths of Abductees’ Family Members Put Pressure on Japanese Government

  Charles Jenkins, former United States military deserter, and the husband of North Korean abductee Hitomi Soga (58 by now), died of a lethal arrhythmia at a Saga hospital in Niigata Prefecture on December 11th. He was 77 years old.       On December 12th, Nobuko Masumoto, the mother of Rumiko Masumoto (64 by […]

Japan’s Cruise Missile Plans Not Against Self-Defense Policy — Onodera

  In a morning press conference held on December 8th, Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera officially announced plans to acquire funding for the procurement of a long-range cruise missile system for fighter aircraft in the 2018 draft budget.   The minister explained the reasoning behind this procurement, saying, “Given that they can be employed from beyond an […]

‘Why Would He Fumble Like This?’ Supercomputer Developer Motoaki Saito Arrested for Fraud

  On December 5th, Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office arrested Motoaki Saito, 49, president of “PEZY Computing” (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo), and then director of business development, Daisuke Suzuki, 47, on suspicion of fraud.     Their company, known for having developed Gyoukou, the 4th fastest supercomputer in the world, are accused of defrauding the Ministry of […]

Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry Calls for ‘Expanding Number of Foreign Workers’

  On November 16th the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCCI) issued a set of proposals for expanding the acceptance of foreign workers in Japan. In context of a worsening labor shortage in the construction industry and other sectors, the proposal notes that a greater utilization of foreign workers is necessary and further states […]

Is Osaka’s Mayor Alone in Fighting Against the Comfort Women Statue in San Francisco?

  Mayor Hirofumi Yoshimura has vowed to “dissolve” Osaka’s sister city relationship with San Francisco in the United States “before the year’s out.” The reason has been much publicized—at least in Japan—regarding a possible decision by the Californian city to permit a statue falsely depicting young Koreans as “sex slaves” to be installed on public property.   […]