(UPDATED) Abduction Issue: Trump Vows to Do His Best for Japan — Abe

  United States President Donald Trump has promised to take up the decades-old issue of the abduction of Japanese citizens by North Korean agents in his forthcoming summit with Kim Jong-un.   Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said this was the outcome of his meeting with Trump on Tuesday, April 17, in Florida (Wednesday, April 18, […]

Sekisui House Leads Global Environment Awardees 2018

The commendation ceremony of the 27th Annual Grand Prize for the Global Environment Awards, attended by Prince and Princess Akishino (background), was held on April 9 with Fujisankei Communications Group Chairman Hisashi Hieda (right, foreground) awarding the Grand Prize to Sekisui House, Ltd. Chairman Toshinori Abe.       Sekisui House, Ltd.—one of Japan’s major […]

Why Do We Let Japanese Textbooks Carry Debunked Propaganda From China, South Korea?

  South Korea has fallen for North Korea’s charm offensive at the PyeongChang Olympics. One wonders whether South Korean President Moon Jae-in and his chief presidential secretary, Im Jong-seok, now think that the existence of North Korea is more legitimate than that of South Korea.   The foundation of South Korea has clearly been eroded […]

Editorial: At the North Korea Summit Meetings, Demand the Immediate Return of Abductees

  The international situation surrounding North Korea is changing rapidly, and recent developments could present the perfect opening to resolve the abduction issue. It goes without saying that complete resolution entails the return of all abductees, and such an opportunity must not be missed.    An Inter-Korean summit meeting is set to take place on […]

Will We Be Seeing Fewer Somei Yoshino, the King of Cherry Blossoms?

    Cherry blossom viewing season—better known as hanami—has peaked in Tokyo and throughout much of Japan. Among all of the beautiful cherry blossoms, it is the Somei Yoshino, which originated in the Edo era, that is regarded as synonymous with the season. Its cherry blossoms are a breathtaking sight with their flower petals simultaneously […]