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#11 Sports Talk ― Motofumi Iguchi Delivers Informed Analysis of B.League

Motofumi Iguchi, the sports commentator, weighs in on the rapid growth of pro basketball in Japan in recent years, highlighting trends, trademarks and top issues in the league.



Motofumi Iguchi is an authoritative voice on Japanese basketball, and shared many thoughts about the evolution of the pro game in a wide-ranging conversation on June 22.

A former college basketball player, FIBA agent and front-office staff member for several pro teams, Iguchi brings a well-rounded background to his current work. He’s a busy broadcaster dishing out live commentary during B.League games and providing insights throughout the year on a variety of TV and online programs.

Demonstrating his love for the sport and his deep wealth of insider knowledge, Iguchi highlights the current crop of young Japanese head coaches in the B.League and shares his views on top up-and-coming Japanese players. 

Iguchi also offers viewpoints on the Asian Quota system and how it has helped the B.League, the pluses and minuses tied to the start of Toto’s game wagering for basketball in the upcoming B.League season, and the overhaul of the league (with team revenue one of the focal points) before the 2026-27 season, among other topics.


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Author: Ed Odeven

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