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#20 Sports Talk ― JapanBall's Shane Barclay Discusses Baseball Tours and Love of the Game

Owner Shane Barclay outlines his company's baseball tour plans for Japan and elsewhere in 2023, highlighting his joy of sharing fun experiences with fans.



Listen in as Shane Barclay, president and owner of JapanBall, discusses his passion for all things baseball, including his company's NPB tours in Japan and excursions to other countries. 

Barclay shares insights on what he learned while working for MLB. In a wide-ranging conversation with sports editor Ed Odeven, he also highlights his excitement for the 2023 World Baseball Classic and the upcoming Japanese baseball season.

"JapanBall is the leader in international baseball tourism," Barclay says on the podcast, "and I would say a leader in Japanese baseball news and information and content in the English language."

Barclay, who talks about loving baseball since his youth, mentions that JapanBall is dedicated to customizing its baseball tours to give customers unique, enjoyable experiences. Looking ahead to February 2024, for example, JapanBall is adding an Okinawa spring training tour to its schedule, providing opportunities to enjoy the tropical environment while watching games and exploring the island, too.


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Author: Ed Odeven

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