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36 Photos: Tokyo Game Show 2017 Cosplay



Tokyo Game Show 2017 Cosplay Makuhari Messe



Galileo Ferrari - Tokyo


Creative cosplay shared the spotlight at the Tokyo Game Show 2017 on its third day Saturday, September 23, when the event was opened to the general public. Gamers came dressed in their favorite characters, fascinating observers such as photographer Sev Collazo, who was shooting the Tokyo Game Show for the first time.


He is a fine arts and event photographer from the United States who specializes primarily in analog format. He has taken exclusive portraits of musicians and celebrities, such as Justice, A-Trak, MSTRKRFT. You can follow his activity on his website at www.brownfilm-photo.com and his Instagram @sev_collazo.



He captured the action at Makuhari Messe, and shares his impressions of the event with JAPAN Forward in this interview.


What were your thoughts on this year's Tokyo Game Show event and cosplayers?


This year's game show was interesting since it was my first time attending. It is different from most conventions and expos I attend, mainly due to the fact that many outside companies are there to exhibit their latest and greatest. The fandom isn't the largest factor of the convention. However, the passion is never gone. This is evident through the cosplay.


What were some of the unique things we observed and your thoughts about people's confidence and self-expression?


The fandom is always a strong presence. The best way for fans to embody their fandom and appreciation is through cosplay. The great thing about cosplay is that anyone can do it. People express their love of gaming and animé by dressing up as their favorite characters, making sure to include every last detail, then go around in their cosplay wearing them proudly like a badge of honor.


Some people even go as far as coming up with original cosplay, changing a cosplay into something humorous and, sometimes, unusual. One such case I remember at this game show was a cosplayer added a giant cup noodle to his head.



How is Tokyo Game Show different from the work you shoot regularly?


I shoot many different events, but conventions and expos are always fun. The Tokyo Game Show is different in many ways, most of which being that there are many things are there for people to see, so people have many reactions overall. One person in the crowd may not like the game, whereas the person right next to him is ecstatic. Shooting this kind of crowd always yields different reactions, unlike in a concert, where the energy of the crowd is usually the same for everyone.


Cosplay events are also quite different. Generally, things are very well organized and respectful. People are well-mannered and take turns. The entire shooting experience becomes enjoyable for both the cameraman and model.


Check out the images below, as well as the photo reel on JAPAN Forward’s Facebook page.

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