01JAPAN Forward is a new English-language news and opinion website run by the JAPAN Forward association Inc. JAPAN Forward aims to present the true face of Japan, as seen from a wide variety of perspectives, to a rapidly-changing world where unpredictability often outpaces stability. Japan has long lagged behind other countries—all of which have their own points of view—in conveying her own take on the world around. JAPAN Forward sets out to overcome misunderstandings born of linguistic barriers. In covering major news stories in Japan, along with key points of debate, current events, history, culture, and the arts, we hope to deepen the world’s understanding of the Japanese archipelago.

Grounded in a well-reasoned conservatism which takes full account of the Japanese view of history, culture, and the world, we provide a space for sensible Japan-focused commentary on a host of issues. Drawing liberally from the Sankei Shimbun, one of the largest mainstream newspapers in Japan, our goal is to foster an interactive online community wherein open dialogue centers on the Sankei’s high-quality articles, editorials, interviews, and other Japan-original content. Well-expressed dissenting and dissimilar views are welcome. We do not fear, favor, or flatter—we are open to a freewheeling debate. We dream of a better world of mutual prosperity, where all countries, including Japan, live together in peace. We are called JAPAN Forward because we hope to keep Japan pointed into the future. Join us in forwarding the world’s understanding of Japan!  

  JAPAN Forward Editorial Team