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Megumi Sasaki

Megumi Sasaki is a film director, producer, and author. Her first feature-length documentary was the award-winning film, Herb & Dorothy (2008), about legendary New York art collectors Herb and Dorothy Vogel. In 2013, she released the highly-anticipated follow-up documentary titled Herb & Dorothy 50X50. Her third award-winning feature length documentary, A Whale of a Tale (2017 in Japan, 2018 in the U.S.), was set in the small fishing town of Taiji, Japan, that was featured in the Oscar-winning film, The Cove that denounces the town’s long-standing whale and dolphin hunting. In August 2017, Sasaki published her first book, Okujirasama, providing an in-depth historical and religious analysis of the whaling controversy. The book won the science journalist award 2018 in Japan. She has lived in New York City since 1987.