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Shigeo Nakazono

Shigeo Nakazono is a scholar and author engaged in the research of cultural assets and sociology, and curator of the Ikitsuki Island Museum (Shima no Yakata) in Hirado, Kyushu Prefecture since 1995. His research areas include the history of whaling, religion of Japan's hidden Christians (kakure kirishitans), history of foreign negotiations, fishing industries, and the performing arts. His major published works include Kujiratorie Monogatari, an explanation of historical drawing of whaling images (co-authored, Genshobo publishing, 2009), Kakure Kurishitan no Kigen, about the rise of the hidden Christians (Genshobo, 2018), and Nihon Hogeishi Gaisetsu, a whaling history (Kokobunsha publishers, 2019). Born in Fukuoka, he is a graduate of Kumamoto University Faculty of Literature (folklore).