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Bored of Champagne? Try Japan’s latest craze: sparkling kombucha!



Japanese food and drink have a reputation for its salubrious qualities. The traditional Japanese diet - rich in vegetables and grains and low in animal products - contains few sugars and saturated fats, and is high in antioxidants.


Japanese staples, such as antioxidant rich matcha tea, or natto, a pungent, nutrient explosion of fermented soybeans, are now consumed globally as part of health trends.


In recent years, kombucha, a fermented black or green tea, has been experiencing a boom and may be the Japanese product to make it big as a health food.


A strong indicator of this is that the probiotic drink is becoming widely available in Japanese convenience stores. Even stronger an indicator is that craft versions of kombucha are starting to emerge into the market.




KOMBUCHA_SHIP, a sparkling kombucha drink produced by Oizumi Factory, is one example to watch. Oizumi Factory is opening a pop-up store in fashion capital of Tokyo, Omotesando, on September 9th as a sure sign that the product is going mainstream.


Read on to find out more about the limited-time store and the delicious, healthy drinks you should enjoy while you have the chance.


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