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Hello Kitty is on YouTube, and She’s Not Gonna Be All Trivial and Fluffy







The much-loved Hello Kitty finally has her own channel!



The popular Sanrio character, who has dabbled in a broad range of media for years, finally launched her very own YouTube channel on August 30. This will allow her to interact more directly with her fans — children and adults alike.


Don’t rush to the assumption that this will all be trivial and fluffy. Take a look: the channel aims to engage fans on a wide range of topics, including social issues, international development, and even the United Nations sustainable development goals.


Hello Kitty herself posted this message:


I have been waiting for a long time to say “hello” on YouTube. Until now I have tried many things, but becoming a YouTube creator is a bit of a mystery. There are things I don’t know and I am a little nervous, but I can’t wait to just be myself and talk to my viewers! Make sure you subscribe to my channel!



After a teaser of what was to come, the first episode explains the show. The second episode introduces Takoyaki, a famous food delicacy from Osaka, Japan.


Although only three episodes have been uploaded so far, the first video has more than 330,000 views and the channel already has more than 42,000 subscribers — a promising start for the project.


As YouTubers are on the rise, viewers are waiting with anticipation to see what Hello Kitty has in store for us. Stay tuned!



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