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[Hidden Wonders of Japan] Find Summer’s Cool Breeze with Kingyo, Japanese Goldfish!

Kingyo, aka goldfish, have been common aquarium fish since the Edo era (1603-1867), explains Manato Sekiguchi. In the 21st Century, they can also bring serenity and cool to your summer days.




The vaccine has arrived, so as summer. However, I believe many of you are still feeling a little bit cautious about going out to a crowded beach. 

For those who are desperate for water leisure activities, here’s an example of a very summery AND Japanesey way to enjoy summer - Kingyo aquarium! 

Goldfish in a Jar (Image by DeGraph, Original Image from: July 2, 2013) 

Kingyo, aka goldfish, have been common aquarium fish in Japan since the Edo era (1603-1867). You can have them in your garden, balcony, or living room. All you need is a fishbowl, easy access to fresh water, and a little bit of love and effort (not much, is it?). 

Caption: Fond of Goldfish (Kingyo kô), from the series Twenty-four Enjoyments of Beauties of the Present Day (Nijûshi kô tôji no hanamono) by Utagawa Kunisada (Credit: William Sturgis Bigelow Collection, Museum of FIne Arts Boston.)

This is a video of me ‘overhauling’ the fish tanks (or chinese bowls) in my garden. Hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas about how to keep your kingyo nice and healthy - and DO NOT worry! You don’t have to do this every weekend; only once or twice a year. 

Now you only have to change one third of the water every one or two weeks, and enjoy your pretty goldfish swimming like angels in the crystal clear water. 

These are only basic tips for starting an aquarium, but you can easily find more info by Googling and on YouTube if you wish to look more deeply into it. 

Why not try a new thing and feel a cool breeze at home with Kingyo this summer?

Author: Manato Sekiguchi

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