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Hitachi Zosen Leads Decarbonization of Shipping Industry with Green Methanol Technology

A Hitachi Zosen subsidiary is working on decarbonization of maritime transport by converting ship engines to run on net zero-emission green methanol fuel.



Ship engine manufactured by Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine. (Photo courtesy of HZME)

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Decarbonization is an urgent priority for the shipbuilding and shipping industry. Companies are transitioning from conventional heavy fuel oil to liquefied natural gas (LNG), methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, and other new types of fuels. Converting ship engines to run on alternative fuels holds the key to cutting carbon emissions.

Testing the Technology

Kumamoto Prefecture-based Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine (HZME), a Hitachi Zosen subsidiary, has partnered with MAN Energy Solutions, a leading German industrial engine manufacturer. They are working to develop the technology to retrofit engines powered by heavy fuel oil into those that operate on green methanol. The companies also aim to produce methanol engines in-house.

Hitachi Zosen Marine Engine's Ariake Plant in Kumamoto Prefecture. (Photo courtesy of HZME)

HZME is simultaneously advancing the development of conversion technology and engine production. The company has already received an order from MAN for a test methanol engine. Verification trials of the technology are scheduled for September to November 2024 at HZME's Ariake plant in Kumamoto. 

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Author: Gen Koganezaki