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Immersive Fort Tokyo: Odaiba's New Theme Park Opens

Immersive Fort Tokyo is Japan's first immersive theme park, inviting visitors to become part of stories that unfold dramatically through interactive theater.



Participants become witnesses to murder mysteries in the immersive attraction "The Sherlock." February 29, Koto Ward, Tokyo. (©Sankei by Yoshinori Saito)

On February 29, Katana, a marketing company known for revitalizing Seibuen Amusement Park and Huis Ten Bosch, unveiled Immersive Fort Tokyo to the press ahead of its March 1 opening. Nestled in Odaiba, this theme park provides immersive experiences where visitors engage with spontaneously unfolding events. The theme park was built within the former VenusFort shopping mall, which closed in March 2022. It takes advantage of the mall's distinctive design reminiscent of medieval European streetscapes.

You may find yourself caught in the spontaneous mafia vs spy showdown. February 29 in Koto Ward, Tokyo. (©Sankei by Yoshinori Saito)

Step into the Story

The highlight of the theme park is "The Sherlock - Baker Street Murder Case," an immersive theater spread across 3,000 square meters and two floors. It recreates the streets of 19th-century London, plunging participants into the world of the renowned fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Here, visitors experience the thrill of encountering a series of murders, actively participating in the narrative.

The "cast" comprises around 50 individuals. Participants wear bandanas to conceal their identities and navigate the stage as "anonymous" entities. They can shadow various characters, including detectives, police officers, and suspects, experiencing incidents unfolding simultaneously from diverse perspectives. This allows participants to witness exclusive moments and sometimes find themselves as the sole witnesses to pivotal events. Occasionally, participants may engage in dialogues with characters or even be implicated as suspects in the crime.

"Identity V Immersive Chase" is an attraction for groups where participants must navigate through a maze to escape. Another attraction, "Jack the Ripper," is a horror maze where participants flee from a chilling assailant. Additionally, in "Spy Action!" visitors encounter impromptu battles between the mafia and secret agents. Other attractions are themed around popular anime such as Oshi no Ko and Tokyo Revengers. In total, there are 12 immersive attractions to explore.

Immersive Fort Tokyo was built in the former VenusFort shopping mall in Odaiba. (©Sankei by Yoshinori Saito)

'A Thrill Like Never Before'

"The excitement and thrill [at Immersive Fort Tokyo] surpass anything found in traditional theme parks," highlighted Katana's CEO Tsuyoshi Morioka during the opening ceremony. "There's a sense of a 'once in a lifetime' excitement here."

He further encouraged, "If you're unsure about immersive experiences, I urge you to come and see for yourself."

One-day pass tickets start from ¥6,800 JPY (around $46 USD) for adults and ¥3,000 JPY ($20 USD) for children. Operating hours are from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm, although closing times may vary. There are four dining establishments and two retail shops at the venue. The frequency and times of each attraction vary depending on the day.


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Author: Toshinari Nishimura


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