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Introducing the 'Decarbo Score' That Makes Going Low Carbon Easier

By displaying the carbon footprint of products and services, the promising Decarbo Score label helps consumers make informed decisions when making purchases.



July 10th joint press conference by Earth hacks, a new company advocating the "Decarbo Score," and its partners. (© JAPAN Forward by Hidemitsu Kaito)

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A new trend is on the rise to label products and services so that consumers can easily see their impact on decarbonization. In Japan, one of these is the "Decarbo Score".

Visualizing CO2 Reduction

Japan has pledged to make a 46% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by the end of March 2031 (from fiscal year 2013 levels). In line with this target, private companies are working to reduce CO2 emissions related to their products and services. However, standards for measuring these emissions vary. 

A recently launched system is making it easier for consumers to understand the new standards that major companies have taken the initiative to create.

Advertising giant Hakuhodo and leading trading company Mitsui & Co. jointly launched a platform business called "Earth hacks" in November 2021. Then in May 2023, a company of the same name was established to strengthen the business. 

The Earth hacks company logo.

Using Hakuhodo's expertise in consumer trends and Mitsui & Co.'s know-how in decarbonization solutions and domestic and international networks, the two firms are reaching out to companies. At present, over 70 companies are participating in Earth hacks' activities.

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Author: Hidemitsu Kaito