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Japanese Food for Fussy Eaters

For all of these diners, there is still a wealth of Japanese food to enjoy, whether that be from convenience stores, restaurants, or bakeries.




While Japanese cuisine is largely unbeatable, there are still many dishes that fussy eaters might balk at.

Some of us refuse to try unfamiliar meats, while others can’t stand condiments and sauces. Others might simply be vegetarian, vegan or gluten free.

For all of these diners, there is still a wealth of Japanese food to enjoy, whether that be from convenience stores, restaurants, or bakeries. Here is some of the best Japanese food that’s sure to please even the most selective of snackers.

At the Convenience Store

Many of the snacks and meals found in convenience stores like Lawson and Family Mart are Japanese, but plenty of others are European-influenced, like fried chicken, pasta meals, sandwiches and cookies.

Here are some of the best convenience store foods that anyone can enjoy, no matter how much of a fussy eater they may be.

Onigiri (for vegans)

Onigiri: one of the many foods available at convenience stores. Also head to Japanese bakeries for some more familiar treats.

Onigiri are Japanese rice balls wrapped in a thin sheet of nori (seaweed). They come in a variety of flavours, including but not limited to: plain salted rice (safe for vegans), tuna and mayonnaise, salmon, and pickled plums.

Onigiri are simple, cheap, and hearty. They fill you up quickly and are not so far removed from the tuna sandwiches your mum used to make for your packed lunch. There are often a number of creative vegetarian and vegan options.

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