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Kabuki Single Act Tickets at Kabukiza Theatre, Tokyo

The Single Act Tickets at ‘Kabukiza’, the premier Kabuki theatre in Tokyo, may just be for you for a way to enjoy a play without breaking the bank.



Find out how to see this traditional form of theater without breaking the bank.


Heading to Tokyo and looking for something traditional to do? The Single Act Tickets at ‘Kabukiza’, the premier Kabuki theatre in Tokyo, may just be for you.

Single Act Tickets at the 'Kabukiza' kabuki theatre in tokyo

A brief history of Kabuki

Kabuki is a style of Japanese theatre dating back four centuries with a reputation for being quite avant-garde and off-beat.

It is a highly stylised combination of song, dance, music and acting with elaborate costumes and makeup.

Originally performed by women, the sensuous characters were thought too provocative so were replaced by men. As it stands today, men play most characters in kabuki, including female characters.

Without question, it is the most popular of Japan’s traditional theatre styles.

single act kabuki tickets at the kabukiza theatre in tokyo

Watching Kabuki

Kabuki performances are retellings of traditional Japanese stories. Love, loss, crime, betrayal, war, death—the very topics that have kept audiences entertained for thousands of years.

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