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Kirin Unveils New and Faster Recycling Method for Plastic Bottles

Kirin announced a new technology for simpler and speedier recycling of plastic bottles that will enable the use of more recycled material in manufacturing.



Kirin's NAMACHA products in PET plastic bottles. (Photo courtesy of Kirin)

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Kirin Central Research Institute, a subsidiary of Kirin Holdings, announced a new technology in recycling PET bottles on December 15. The new development reduces the time it takes to break down plastic material by about 90%. The technology is based on chemical recycling, where raw materials are broken down to the molecular level to recover chemical components. Kirin aims to implement the technology by 2030.

Lower-Temp and Shorter-Time Recycling

Conventional chemical recycling methods require high temperatures of several hundred degrees Celsius and high pressure to break down PET (polyethylene terephthalate), a raw material used in plastic bottles and synthetic fibers. Processing can take several hours. 

With the new technology, a mixture of PET, an alkaline component, and alcohol at specific ratios enables the plastic to degrade at a low temperature in the 35 to 55 degrees Celsius range, and in a short time of around 15 minutes.

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Author: Hiroaki Tanabe


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