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Mysterious “Superhero” Leads Way As Japanese Fans Clean Up Trash At Women’s World Cup



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Japanese sports fans have gained a reputation for bringing their admirable manners and etiquette along with them when they travel to events, as seen last year when fans gained attention for helping clean up a stadium following a World Cup win over Colombia.


At the risk of generalizing, a sense of being responsible for oneself as part of a group and cleaning up after oneself is a value emphasized in Japanese society and culture, and this often translates to extra awareness at sporting events.


Well-mannered fans are once again in the news as they were observed cleaning up at 2019 the Women's World Cup following Japan's 2-1 victory over Scotland.


But as many were quick to point out, one fan in particular seems to not be a newcomer to this.



As he'll tell you himself, that fan is actually a superhero/mascot-themed super supporter and whose goal is to "bring a smile to Kagoshima", but also promote respecting your surroundings, sports etiquette, and cleaning up! He also makes balloon animals for children.


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