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Nadeshiko Brands: 27 Companies Empowering Women in the Japanese Workforce

"With 90% of our domestic workforce comprising women, our achievements are inseparable from their active participation" — CEO Kikuta of Dai-ichi Life Holdings



Representatives of companies selected as Nadeshiko Brands in FY 2023 on March 21, Chuo Ward, Tokyo. (©Sankei by Satoshi Sobatani)

On March 21, the Tokyo Stock Exchange and the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry announced the selection of 27 companies as Nadeshiko Brands for FY 2023. The Nadeshiko Brand initiative aims to recognize publicly listed enterprises promoting the active participation of women in the workplace.

Notably, this 12th round of selection incorporated new criteria, including the uptake rate and duration of male parental leave. Additionally, 16 companies were recognized under a newly established category called "Next Nadeshiko: Companies Supporting Dual-career and Co-parenting.

Eisai among First-Time Selections

A total of 288 companies across 18 industries applied for the FY 2023 selection, with a maximum of two companies per sector. Notable newcomers to the Nadeshiko Brands list include Eisai, McDonald's Holdings Japan, PERSOL, and San-in Godo Bank. Furthermore, Meiji Holdings and Daito Trust Construction secured positions in the Next Nadeshiko category.

The Nadeshiko Brand initiative was launched in FY 2012. It aims to draw investment toward companies that foster a supportive environment for working women and extend such efforts across various industries. To ensure the initiative's quality amidst the expanding landscape of women's empowerment, the number of selected firms was reduced starting from FY 2022.

Male Parental Leave

As the selection criteria became more stringent, a new category called "Next Nadeshiko" was introduced in this round. This aims to broaden the inclusion of companies working on women's advancement.

Furthermore, the selection process now considers additional criteria such as the uptake rate and duration of male parental leave. Despite the increasing prevalence of dual-income households, women often bear a disproportionate burden of childcare responsibilities. This can deter them from pursuing regular employment after childbirth. Encouraging greater male involvement in childcare is crucial for creating an environment where women can effectively balance their professional and family commitments.

Tetsuya Kikuta, CEO of Dai-ichi Life Holdings in 2023. (©Sankei by Kazuya Nemoto)

The advancement of women's participation is considered a valuable asset in Japan's labor market, where shortages are acute. It is also seen as a catalyst for introducing diverse perspectives driving innovation in product and service development.

The Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry analyzed the sales and operating profit margins of Nadeshiko Brands for FY 2022. Its findings revealed an average profit margin of 9.6%, surpassing the Prime market average of 6.4%.


Tetsuya Kikuta, CEO of Dai-ichi Life Holdings, delivered a speech on behalf of the selected Nadeshiko Brands, emphasizing the pivotal role of women in his company.

"With 90% of our domestic workforce comprising women, our achievements are inseparable from their active participation. Looking ahead, we acknowledge the indispensable contribution of women to our ongoing growth." 

He added, "We firmly believe that proactive engagement from our leadership is paramount in fostering an environment where women can thrive."

FY 2023 Nadeshiko Brands

Ajinomoto Group, Asahi Group Holdings, Idemitsu Kosan, LIXIL, Shiseido, KOSÉ Group, Chugai Pharmaceutical, Eisai, Aisin, Sumitomo Electric Industries, Giken Group, Komatsu, OMRON, SCSK Group, PERSOL, Tokyo Gas, Osaka Gas, Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, NYK Group, ITOCHU, MARUI GROUP, McDonald's Holdings Japan, Japan Post Bank, San-in Godo Bank, Daiwa Securities Group, Dai-ichi Life Holdings, Mitsui Fudosan Group

FY 2023 Next Nadeshiko: Companies Supporting Dual-career and Co-parenting

DNP Group, Japan Post Insurance, Nomura Holdings, Shizuoka Financial Group, Concordia Financial Group, NGK Insulators, Sumitomo Corporation, FUJISOFT, TOPPAN Holdings, Sapporo Holdings, Meiji Holdings, KIMOTO, DIC Corporation, Sysmex, Terumo Corporation, Daito Trust Construction


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Author: Satoshi Sobatani, The Sankei Shimbun


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