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Osaka Chefs Partner with French Champagne Maker Telmont on Sustainable Seafood

A company formed by chefs from renowned restaurants in Osaka has teamed up with French champagne maker Telmont on providing sustainable culinary experiences.



Members of Relation Fish pose with Laurent Perraudin of Telmont. (©Sankei by Hiroko Kitamura)

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A group of traditional Japanese restaurant owners in Osaka has entered into a collaboration with French champagne maker Telmont with the aim of creating sustainable food. Together, their mission revolves around presenting culinary experiences featuring underutilized fish, often overlooked in the market, paired with champagne. This initiative encourages contemplation on the future of food and aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).


Chefs Take the Initiative

Leading the charge on the culinary front is Relation Fish. The company was founded in 2022 by owners of Michelin-starred Japanese restaurants like UNKAKU in Osaka's Kita Ward and Kashiwaya in Suita City. Its core mission is to develop eco-conscious, fish-based dishes and spread the word on this type of sustainable food.

French champagne maker Telmont
Appetizers prepared using mottled spinefoot sashimi, each thoughtfully paired with champagne, for the Kashiwaya event in Suita City. (©Sankei by Hiroko Kitamura)

Relation Fish's endeavors have expanded to include initiatives such as aquaculture of herbivorous low-environmental-impact fish. The company has begun with the mottled spinefoot in Wakayama Prefecture. 

The vision and efforts of Relation Fish strongly resonated with the French champagne maker Telmont, leading to a collaborative endeavor focused on innovative cuisine.

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