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[Sado Wildlife in Focus] The Crested Ibis in the Tapestry of Autumn's Colors

Fumie Oyama's third photo essay series features the Japanese crested ibis in beautiful contrast with Sado Island's magnificent autumn colors.



Bright red spider lilies and a crested ibis present a dazzling contrast. (©Fumie Oyama)

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The intense heat and lack of rain have passed along with summer. Autumn has arrived on Sado Island in the Sea of Japan off Niigata Prefecture. Often called the season of the arts, autumn is the perfect time to see the plumage of the crested ibis at its most beautiful. Designated as a national natural treasure, the ibis is even more striking against a backdrop of gorgeous autumn colors and scenery.

Beautiful Autumn Colors

Autumn is both colorful and magnificent. Persimmons sparkle in the sunlight, and autumn leaves paint the fields and mountains in a vibrant tapestry. Chestnuts and other fruits of nature colorfully adorn the island, making it the best season for photography.

crested ibis
A crested ibis spreading its wings in an autumn rice field. (©Fumie Oyama)

This year's oppressive heat was not only physically taxing, but also brought a shimmering haze that made it difficult to take good photographs. Now the mornings and evenings are cooler. I am grateful for the arrival of this more pleasant season as wait patiently to capture the best moments of the crested ibis.

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Author: Fumie Oyama

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Fumie Oyama is a two-time winner of the Japan Newspaper Publishers & Editors Association Award as a photographer for the Sankei Shimbun. After covering the reintroduction of the crested ibis to the wild for 11 years, Oyama left the company in 2020 to move to Sado Island. There, he continues to photograph the ibis and other wildlife while engaging in farming. He currently promotes the charms of Sado Island as a photojournalist. Follow Fumie Oyama on Instagram.

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