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Showroom Opens to Promote the Appeal of 'Tokyo Wood'

A new Tokyo Metropolitan Government showroom is publicizing wood products made from trees in Tokyo's Tama area, promoting local production and consumption.



TOKYO MOKUNAVI showroom for Tama timber products at Shinjuku Park Tower in Tokyo on September 15, 2023. (© Sankei by Tomomi Yoshizawa)

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In an effort to expand the use of timber from the Tama area, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) opened the TOKYO MOKUNAVI showroom on September 15. Located in Shinjuku Park Tower, the facility exhibits wood products and disseminates information on wood from Tokyo. 

Timber from Tama has often been used for building materials. Encouraging everyday consumers to make use of local wood is the showroom's aim. 


Certifying Tama Timber

The TMG launched a certification system for Tama timber in 2006. This system set the conditions for Tama-certified timber. These include the requirement that distribution processes from production to sales must be handled by businesses registered with the system. 

With the advent of this system, the use of Tama timber has grown rapidly. The Tama Lumber Center Union operates the only raw wood market within the Tokyo metropolitan prefectural limits. In 2006, only about 30% of the timber it handled was from Tama. By 2021, this figure had reached 90%.

Tokyo Wood products on display at the TOKYO MOKUNAVI showroom for Tama timber at Shinjuku Park Tower in Tokyo on September 15, 2023. (© Sankei by Tomomi Yoshizawa)

Increasing utilization of trees known to cause pollen allergies, like the Japanese cedar, is a nationwide issue. Along these lines, the TMG implements a system of local production for local consumption. Tama timber from trees cut down for pollen control is put to use at Tokyo's public facilities. "With this system, we do not end up with leftover timber," a representative of the union noted.

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Author: Tomomi Yoshizawa


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