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Strawberry Day: A Flavorful Start to the New Year at Kayama Farm 

Start the year with a family outing to Strawberry House Kayama Farm for fragrant, flavorful, shining red globes and an all-you-can-eat Strawberry Day buffet.



"Ichigo no Hi," translating to "Strawberry Day" in Japanese, is not a nationwide celebration. However, it is associated with strawberry-related events and promotions. In Japan, specific days or numbers, like January 5 (ichi for January, go for 5), may be linked to strawberries due to wordplay. This in turn leads to promotions and events.

Over the weekend, my family and I treated ourselves to a delightful 30-minute all-you-can-eat strawberry buffet at Strawberry House Kayama Farm, nestled in the scenic southwestern area of Yokosuka.

Marking the start of the new year, the farm kicked off its strawberry season with a special offer for early enthusiasts. During the initial week of January, they set admission at ¥2,600 JPY ($18 USD), offering a premium experience for strawberry lovers.

As the weeks progress and the strawberry volume, along with its sweetness, gradually declines, so does the entry price. Finally, the farm marks the conclusion of strawberry season by the first week of May. By then, the buffet price drops to a more affordable ¥1,600 JPY ($11 USD) .

Additionally, there is special pricing for the little ones. Families pay a fee of ¥500 JPY ($3.45 USD) for their two-year-old toddlers. For larger groups exceeding 20 people, there is a surcharge of ¥100 JPY ($.70 USD) per person.

Luscious Berries from January through May

Stepping into the Strawberry House Kayama Farm, visitors will see two areas catering to different types of strawberry enthusiasts. The first is a haven for strawberry pickers eager to pluck the ripest berries straight from the vines. The second area is tailored for shoppers looking to buy strawberries in wholesale and large quantities.

As you enter the farm, expansive greenhouses come into view. Each one houses numerous rows of vibrant strawberry plants. The greenhouses offer a visually appealing and bountiful strawberry-picking experience or the option for larger purchases. Their spacious layout adds charm. In all, it is an inviting environment for visitors to immerse themselves in the luscious strawberries.

In the peak season, it's advisable to secure reservations ahead of your visit to avoid disappointment. Priority is given to visitors with reservations, and walk-ins are typically not accommodated.

Happy Ichigo no Hi!



Author: Galileo Ferrari

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