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The 26th Annual Grand Prize for the Global Environment Awards



With the goal of uniting industry, technological innovation, and the environment, the 26th annual Grand Prize for the Global Environment Awards, sponsored by Fujisankei Communications Group (FCG), recognized enterprises and organizations for their work on global warming or conservation. The ceremony, attended by Their Imperial Highnesses Prince and Princess Akishino, was held on April 10 and each winner was handed a certificate and trophy at the Meiji Memorial Hall in Motoakasaka, Tokyo.


Fujitsu was honored with the top prize for its development of the world's smallest, most energy efficient AC adapter using the latest in energy-saving technology. President Tatsuya Tanaka said "By using it in a variety of devices, we believe this technology will help greatly reduce electricity use across society as a whole."


In addition, in his opening address FCG Chairman Hisashi Hieda remarked "With President Trump's reexamination of current environmental protection policies, it's becoming harder to track the course of global warming trends. However, we feel it important that every nation come together to make real progress toward our shared goal."


Fujio Mitarai, CEO and chairman of Canon and chairman of the committee for organizating the Global Environment Awards, said "Going forward, I will strive to increase the social profile of these awards and support sustainable economic and social development."


The Grand Prize for the Global Environment Awards was created in 1992 the FCG, with special cooperation from World Wildlife Foundation Japan (Honorary President Prince Akishino). Its primary goal is to highlight new technology or products that help contribute to activities that prevent global warming, preserve biodiversity, or support the creation of a sustainable, recycyling-based society and thus raise envornmental consciousness. From 1998, the award was opened to municipal governments and from 2003 universities and civic groups became eligible as well, part of a design to unite government, enterprise and the citizenry together. From 2005, the university section was expanded to "schools", to include elementary, middle and high Schools as well. Thus far, 250 comapnies and organizations have been honored.



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2017 Award Recipients:



Dai Nippon Printing Co.,Ltd.


Sekisui House 



The General Packaging Industry RENGO 


Daiwa House Industry 


Kirin Holdings Company, LTD


Tadotsu High School in Kagawa prefecture (Japanese only)


AERA HOME  (Japanese only)



Earth Life Network  (Japanese only)


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