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10th Super Cup Dance-Off: Japan’s High Schoolers In Their Creative, Energetic Best





On August 17, the final “big class” competition for the 10th All-Japan High School Super Cup Dance-Off was held in Yokohama City. Hosted by the Sankei Shimbun and sponsored by Acecook and Otsuka Holdings, the event picked the top high school dance team in Japan.


For the first time in 4 years, the grand prize for “big class” (13 or more team members) went to Osaka’s Doshisha Kori, making this their 4th victory.


Osaka’s Doshisha Kori, making their 4th victory of the grand prize for “big class” 


Staging a comeback after last year’s second place showing, Doshisha Kori came to the competition with an arm-shaking style of dance called “waacking.” Fascinating the audience with their performance of rapid movements and throwing their arms around like whips, they were well-applauded.


The runner-up this year was Tomioka Prefectural High from Osaka. Honorable mentions went to Sakai Nishi Prefectural (Osaka), Imamiya Prefectural (Osaka), Kumeda Prefectural (Osaka), Komae Metropolis (Tokyo), Nara City Ichijo (Nara), and Yamamura International (Saitama).


Tomioka Prefectural High from Osaka is the runner-up this year.


Pacifico Yokohama in Yokohama City—considered the great hall of the dance mecca—shook with intense performance face-offs by the high schoolers. The “big class” competition held on the 17th included 55 teams.


Doshisha Kori, taking the crown for the first time, introduced a dance based on the theme of “Black Rose.” The members said that they put their hearts into expressing the mystery and beauty of the rose. After mistakes in rehearsals, they didn’t finish their production until the end of July, just before the competition. On the day of the competition, a “pitch-black rose” blossomed through perfect movements and costumes.


Junior Haruko Kuzaki, 17, club president, said eagerly, “I’m so happy to have the championship flag return to us after 4 years. I hope the classes below me will do their best to aim for a consecutive win.”


Tomioka Prefectural High, aiming for their third consecutive victory, showed off with a full-power dance called “No Pressure.” They took the runner-up award. They said that their gorgeous and flashy costumes, reminiscent of the bubble era, were obtained from vintage clothing stores and their mothers.


Captain Saya Hayashi (junior) said, “I’m frustrated, because we had hoped for 3 straight wins. I expect that my classmates below me will capture the championship for sure.”


In the “small class” (2-12 members) competition held on August 16, 55 teams danced beautifully, and Minoo Prefectural (Osaka) captured its second victory in a row. The runner-up went to Sakuragaoka (Aichi). Honorable prizes went to Chinzei (Kumamoto), Osaka City Han’ai (Osaka), Fukuoka Industrial University Joto (Fukuoka), Kyoto Ryoyo (Kyoto), Yurigaoka Prefectural (Kanagawa), and Seika Women’s (Fukuoka).


Minoo Prefectural (Osaka) captured its second victory in the “small class”.


Sakuragaoka (Aichi) was the runner-up in the “small class”.


Minoo Prefectural also won last year. Team leader, sophomore Madoka Matsumoto, 17, said, “We had been hoping for a consecutive win, so I’m happy.”