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#33 Real Issues, Real Voices, Real Japan Podcast – End Comfort Women Fraud

The group seeks to correct erroneous historical narratives about the comfort women and advance peace and prosperity in East Asia by repairing bilateral ties.



Listen in as the JAPAN Forward editorial team chats with Dr. Lew Seok Choon and Dr. Lee Woo Youn, South Korean scholars and co-chairs and co-founders of the non-profit organization, End Comfort Women Fraud. Members of the organization will be traveling to Berlin, Germany, at the end of June to discuss important matters related to the comfort women statue in the city.

As its name suggests, this group seeks to end the 30 years of falsehood and deception surrounding the comfort women issue, which they see as propagated mainly by special interests organized to prevent a resolution.

The erroneous historical narrative promoted by groups like the Korea Council and Korean textbooks impairs bilateral ties vis-a-vis Japan, creating a schism that impedes peace and prosperity in East Asia. 

The group End Comfort Women Fraud is also urging the South Korean government to investigate the comfort women issue more thoroughly, and verify the veracity of testimonial evidence by former comfort women.

To achieve their goals, End Comfort Women Fraud holds academic seminars, workshops, and assemblies in various locations, including a public demonstration every Wednesday in front of the Japanese Embassy in Seoul, South-Korea.

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