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JAPAN Forward and ‘grape Japan’ Kicks Off Content Partnership



JAPAN Forward – Tokyo


JAPAN Forward is proud to introduce our new partner, grape Japan.


We are excited to announce that JAPAN Forward will be publishing select stories and content from our new partner, grape Japan, beginning Monday, July 2.



We will only share excerpts of their articles, so click the link to experience the full story on grape Japan and see their other pieces.


grape Japan is a website dedicated to sharing interesting content related to Japan, ranging from the country’s most beautiful traditional aspects to its popular modern sub-cultures.


The stories we share can help those with interest learn about Japan, find new things to do and eat in the country, and inspire a good mood with a silly pet video once in a while!


Through its translations, updates, and travel reports, grape Japan strives to be a platform where everyone can find their own personal slice of Japan to enjoy.



Launched in 2014, grape Japan is operated by Grape Co. Ltd., an online media company subsidiary to the Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc. within the Fuji Sankei Communications Group.
Learn more about grape Japan on their website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter @grapejapan.


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