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Tokyo-KL Energy-efficient Buildings Project a Finalist for Bloomberg Climate Awards

Tokyo is helping Kuala Lumpur put in place policies to improve energy efficiency in its buildings, and thus develop a low-carbon system.



Kuala Lumpur (Wedesoft at en.wikipedia)

The city-to-city initiative, where Tokyo shares with Kuala Lumpur its world-renowned expertise in reducing carbon emissions from buildings, has been chosen as a finalist in the C40 Cities Bloomberg Philanthropies Awards for 2022.

The C40 Cities — a network of mayors across the globe working on addressing climate change — announced the finalists on Friday, August 19, from London, where the climate leadership group’s chairperson, Sadiq Khan, is the mayor. 

Report Cover (Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment)

The 20 finalists were chosen from 70 applications, which were assessed against the following criteria:  

  • immediate climate impact
  • expected climate impact
  • wider benefits
  • innovation
  • collaboration
  • sharing and scaling
Report Cover (Source: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment)

Seven of the finalist initiatives are from Asia (Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur are counted as one), another seven from Latin America, three from the United States, two from Africa, and one from Europe.  

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Author: JAPAN Forward

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