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Chocolate Maker Meiji Recycles Cacao Bean Husks for its New Lifestyle Brand

Launching a new brand called "CACAO STYLE," Meiji aims to increase the ways people enjoy the aroma of chocolate and create new markets for the recycled husks. 



Meiji Co, Ltd's new lifestyle concept uses furniture and sundries made by upcycling the outer skin of cacao beans. Tokyo, June 28. (© Sankei by Toshiya Nishimura)

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Japan's leading chocolate manufacturer, Meiji Co Ltd, announced the launch of a new brand on June 28. It is promoting a lifestyle based on upcycling. In this case, Meiji is recycling the cacao bean husks discarded in the chocolate manufacturing process. The husks are thereafter upcycled into high-value-added products. 

It is Meiji's first time to launch a brand other than food products. 

The company is marketing products derived from cacao husks in collaboration with several other firms. Ultimately, Meiji aims to reduce waste by reusing the husks while creating a new demand for cacao. 

Cacao husks are hard and also fibrous materials. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons).

Upcycling a Range of Products

Continue reading the full story on Japan 2 Earth and learn more about Meiji's new initiative to recycle the byproducts of its confectioneries by infusing the scent of chocolate into products of our daily life.

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Author: The Sankei Shimbun

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